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Literacy Foundation for Children
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Literacy Care

We are a private special education consultancy.

We provide specialised treatment exclusively for children (ages 6 -12) who have specific learning disabilities.

Learning disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, as well as verbal- and non-verbal disorders are highly treatable. Successfully overcoming learning and developmental disorders is achieved through interdisciplinary treatment, utilising a highly-collaborative and cooperative team with a single and well designed treatment plan.

  • Thank you so much for all the help you have given us with Kaila.  You have been instrumental in helping us isolate and improve her challenges in spelling.  She is so much more confident and doing better in all areas at school as a result. Thank you!

  • [Our son]'s results have been very exciting and we are very grateful for your help.  His improvements have not only been academic but also in his general confidence, which is fabulous.  His progress has certainly been remarkable to date (reading a relatively complex book to his sister this morning on the couch was a moment that I didn't think I would see for a long time ...).

  • I just wanted to let you know that Sam got an OP 8 and has been offered a place in a “Dual Degree in Business and Exercise Physiology”. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support over the last 7 years.  Sam could not have gotten this far without your guidance and support.

    Siobhan and Dave
  • I thought you may like to have a look at Chris' recent report card, as you were instrumental in enabling him to achieve these results.

  • We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done to help Alex with his reading. Your intervention has had a profound effect on both his reading skills and confidence and has literally been life changing for him.

    Thanks for your time. Once again we thank you for your wonderful work and support of our son.

    Kate and Dean
  • It became evident from a very young age that, despite being a confident, intelligent and outgoing child, our son’s reading and writing skills were not developing at the same pace as other children his age   ...   it was not until we took our son to the Child Development Network  that our suspicions of Dyslexia were confirmed.

    ... the teaching methods applied by Dr McGowan dramatically improved our son’s reading and writing skills   ...

    With thanks   ...   our son has grown into a sociable, self-confident young man with a bright future.

  • Two and a half years ago, Darcy’s teachers really had no idea how to teach him to read and spell. You were the only person who told us that you could teach him how to read. And you were right. Here he is now, two years later, reading chapter books (unprompted and enjoying the experience).

    Darcy also had a good first semester at school. He got a C for English and for most of his other subjects (plus a few B’s).

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

    Elizabeth Millsteed
  • Ben, Sabine and I, have really appreciated your assistance and guidance. It has been logical, professional and personalised.

    Ken Howard
  • Thank you so very much for your review of Will.  I felt so relieved that, thanks to your assessment,  ... this will hopefully help to level the academic playing field, allowing Will's true intelligence to be fairly assessed

    What an incredibly important career path you have chosen to excel in and the positive impact you have on children’s lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Karen Rutherfurd-Ambrose
  • You have been a fantastic influence on [name withheld].  I am grateful for the day our paths crossed.  There are not enough words to describe the impact you have had on her and her academic progress.  I cannot thank you enough for your patience, help, kindness and support.  You took the time to completely ‘get her’, and thereby understanding what makes her tick.   You are a born educator, the right personality in the right job.  I cannot thank you enough.



READCARE is specially developed for children who live a long distance from the clinic.

Measurable outcomes

We can predict a measurable outcome that can be achieved with your child.

Our extended network

Child Development Network

The Child Development Network (CDN) is a group of private medical, psychology and educational professionals working to help children (and their families) who have difficulties with development and behaviour.

COGMED Working Memory Training

We regard COGMED as the most researched and highest quality working memory training program in the world. COGMED Working Memory Training is a computer-based intervention for children, teenagers and adults with attention problems and other issues caused by poor working memory.

Literacy Foundation for Children

A benevolent service raising & distributing finances to children and their families who experience financial difficulties in accessing support services for literacy and learning disabilities.

Do you have a child who learns differently and struggles with literacy?  …

News & Updates

Literacy Foundation for Children

The Foundation has recently changed it’s name to Literacy Foundation for Children. It’s vision is still the same — building brighter futures for children with learning [...]

READCARE reviews

Could READCARE families who have not been reviewed for more than three months please make contact with the CDN for a review, or email

Intervention Management List

  For parents who child has been assessed you will find your child’s identification number in the feedback interview email.  You can login to the Interventions Management [...]

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